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HDB Resale Package

Design Services

1.Design proposal and space planning

2.Project management and site supervision

3.Application of HDB renovation permit; if any


Demolition Works

4.Hack existing kitchen and 2 bathrooms wall and floor tiles

5.Hack exiting kitchen 50mm cement base (fridge, washing machine and cabinet bases if any)

6.Dismantle existing 2 x WC and wash basin, bathroom doors, kitchen cabinets and all bedroom cabinets

7.Hack existing floor tiles at living, dining, store rooms,allbedroom and skirting for whole house

8.Hack existing 2 bathroom doors


Masonry Works

9.Apply prepacked waterproofing screed for kitchen and 2 bathrooms

10.Lay homogenous/porcelain tiles for kitchen and 2 bathrooms (based on 30 x 60 cm,/30x30cm < $3.00 psf)

11.Lay homogenous/porcelain floor tiles for kitchen and 2 bathrooms (based on 30 x 30 cm,/30x60cm< $3.00 psf)

12.Lay homogenous floor/porcelain tiles in living and dining area, all bedrooms, storerooms, passageways inclusive of skirting (based on 60 x 60 cm, < $3.00 psf)

Plumbing Works

13.Replace new stainless steel expose pipe for whole house (cold only)

14.Supply labour to install 02 nos water heater or 01 nos water storage heater

15.Supply labour to install 7 pcs of  accessories for both bathroom

16.Supply labour to install 02 nos of sitting toilet bowl at master toilet & common toilet

17.Supply labour to install 2 nos of wash basin at master toilet & common toilet.

18.Install inlet/outlet drainage pipe for kitchen sink and washing machine

Carpentry Works


19.Total 20ft(L) of top and bottom kitchen cabinet with ABS trimming doors and laminate finish, 2 tiers stainless steel dish drainer and 3nos of soft-closing drawers


20.Total 10ft(L) of waterproofing PVC plinth as kitchen cabinet base

21.To construct 10ft(L) Quartz tabletop with 50mm(H) backsplash and 20mm profile

Master Bedroom

22.5ft(L) x 8.5ft(H) swing door wardrobe with with ABS trimming doors and laminate finish

Miscellaneous/ Dismantling Works

23.Supply and painting of whole house interior walls with Nippon Vinilex 5000 (*max 3 colours)

24.Supply and painting of whole house interior ceilings and sewer piping with Nippon Matex white paint


25.To provide kitchen and toilets with acid chemical wash

26. To supply and install 2nos aluminum slide & swing door.


27.Provide corrugated paper for protection

*Laminate Finish with exclusive woodgrain carcass (KH4911,KH4323)

* All items to be provided by Owner*


*Terms and Condition Apply*









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